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 Jennifer Shaw 


I have been working in the Immigration industry since 2009 and received my certification in early 2013. Since then I have helped many business' across Canada with hiring Temporary Foreign Workers and getting 99% of those workers their Permanent Residency status. I started in this business to help people far and wide to obtain their goal of becoming Canadian citizens and enjoying the freedoms of this country.

I have been a part of Illuminate Canada since 2013 and took over the company end of 2019. When COVID – 19 started I put all my energy into working with people within Canada to maintain their status. Due to the nature of the current immigration rules and regulations it has been difficult to bring new immigrants into our country, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Canada is looking for high-skilled candidates and students to contribute to our country's economic growth. I am here to help guide those who are eligible reach their objectives.

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